Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A new year, a new start?

I'm not a very good blogger.

Okay, I'm a terrible blogger. Does 3 posts in one year qualify?

New Year's Day, I suppose, prompts you to be reflective. To take stock. To look ahead.

What will the new decade bring? Heaven only knows. Will I be sitting here a year from now - no closer to being a mom than I am today? Possible. Will I handle whatever comes with faith and grace? Uncertain! Will I still have a Father who loves me and has a plan for my life? Absolutely.

Our Huey dog is a burst of fun in our lives. A stinky, licky, energetic burst of adorableness in our days and nights - especially those nights when he wakes us up three times. Is this what having a newborn is like? Nevermind, don't answer that.

Our IUI cycle this month was cancelled. I'm hoping for a new plan for next month, a new outcome. Isn't that what the New Year is all about?

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