Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Timing is Everything

I was thinking yesterday about how I spent the month of March (2010) on my knees asking God to allow our baby to live, for our child to have life. What really hit me about this is that our daughter was conceived in November (2009)! So all that time that I was asking Him, God had a plan for our beautiful daughter ALREADY in the works! It wasn't the plan I had in mind or the even the plan I was asking for, but it was God's perfect will and His work in our life and we are beyond thankful for it. She is the light of our lives!

Isn't it amazing to realize that while we are desperately praying, hoping, sulking, pouting, feeling sorry for ourselves, doubting, wishing, wanting, longing for a BIG need.... GOD has already put in motion a BIGGER RESPONSE?

And that, quite simply, is why we need faith. I trust in His plan and ask Him to give me the faith and strength to wait on it.

And the very cool thing about this path that we are on? Only God knows the hour and day when our 2nd baby will be conceived. We aren't pursuing adoption or fertility treatments again right now, as we are relishing every day with our precious one, but who knows what plan will be revealed in the future!! :-)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A sweet gift

My sweet friend M gave me the most beautiful gift for my birthday this year.

For several months, I've been wearing a necklace that I had made with an open circle pendant that held three birthstones - June, January and November - the three due dates of my angels. On one side was engraved, "Forever Loved" and on the other, "In the Arms of God". It made me feel close to them to have a rememberance hanging close to my heart.

Since our miracle has arrived, I've only worn it a few times, and I've felt a little strange. Although they are a part of me that is never far from my mind, I want my focus now to be on my wonderful blessing and the unspeakable joy she has brought us!

Although I never verbalized this, my friend must have understood. I opened her gift to find a new necklace. This one has two round disks that hang from a tiny beaded chain. On one disk there are three hearts. On the other, the name of my little princess. The three hearts that brought us to you.

You can find it and other beautiful pieces here. LL Designs
I love it!

PS - Not quite as sentimental, but my wonderful husband also surprised me with a fabulous K.S. bag! It is hot!!New Winter Bag!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Birthday Reflections

Today is my 32nd birthday.

First of all, HOW did I get to be 32?!?

Okay, moving past that and accepting the new age!

I can't even complain about adjusting to a new number. I really can't complain about a thing. This is the happiest birthday ever.

I think back to two years ago today. It was such a dark time. One week before my 30th birthday, I learned that my first pregnancy, which we had tried and tried for, had ended at 9 weeks. Our little apple seed no longer had a heartbeat. I was devastated. I had a D&C on Nov 3 and put on a brave face three nights later for the 30th birthday bash my sweet husband had planned weeks earlier. It was a great party, and he knew I needed a distraction, but my heart hurt. Little did I know there would be even darker days to come, but at the time, I thought nothing could sting more. I spent days where I'd go to work, come home and go directly to bed. It just wasn't fair.

One year later, I had suffered a second miscarriage during the summer, had spent a few months physically healing and was back to trying to concieve. I was surrounded by friends having babies and I couldn't believe I still wasn't one of them. I was hopeful that the third time would be the charm, but I just didn't know how much longer I could handle the struggle. I felt like life was moving on without us.

As another year has gone by, much of it has been spent trying to conceive, dealing with our third miscarriage and searching our hearts for what the plan was for us and our family. Until, of course, that fateful day when we got a call that a birthmother had picked us and there was a baby that was going to be ours! We planned, we prayed, we lived on pins and needles, but we didn't know for sure she was ours until the day we brought her home from the hospital. And now she's been here with us for 10 incredible weeks and our hearts have grown by leaps and bounds. She is truly our miracle.

I have to reflect upon my third baby, as his or her due date was this week. I had prayed that my 32nd birthday might be spent in the hospital or just barely home with a newborn. Instead, I am home with my 2 and a half month old! Wonders never cease and God works in amazing ways!

I know I've spent a lot of weeks and months, a lot of time and tears, of the last three years of my life focused on how we would have a child. It is all-consuming. But I've made it to the other side, albeit through a path I would never have expected, but I know that all this is in God's time for us all. I am thankful. I am happy. And I am a 32-year-old mom.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

To Love and Protect

My princess is sleeping. She is peaceful, dreaming, I think, because she has the occasional smile and sweet sigh. Nothing is wrong in the world, no care left unaddressed. No need is wanting. My heart still watches her in awe, amazed that God chose her to be our daughter and orchestrated her arrival into our lives the way He did. I love her so much that I know I couldn't love anyone a single drop more.

I want her always to know that, to always feel the love of her Heavenly Father and her daddy and mommy, and so many others who love her to pieces, too. I pray that God will give us wisdom on how to raise her to know this love and to feel secure and confident in who she is. I want so much to protect her from any hurt or sorrow or discomfort. Right now, that means wanting to dry her tears when she is upset, feed her empty tummy when she is hungy, and cuddle her if she is tired or cold. But I know that the challenges only get greater as our children grow day by day, and I fear the hurts she could have that won't be so easily solved. I suppose this is the timeless cry of a mother's heart - to want to shield her children from all pain. Life is never simple, and families who have been touched by the miracle of adoption know that our joy is often someone else's pain. But God did not promise joy without rain. He did, however, promise that He is our shield and our exceedingly great reward. What a comfort to know that though I may struggle with shielding my child from every pain, there is One who is able to protect us without ceasing.