Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Thursday, November 4, 2010

To Love and Protect

My princess is sleeping. She is peaceful, dreaming, I think, because she has the occasional smile and sweet sigh. Nothing is wrong in the world, no care left unaddressed. No need is wanting. My heart still watches her in awe, amazed that God chose her to be our daughter and orchestrated her arrival into our lives the way He did. I love her so much that I know I couldn't love anyone a single drop more.

I want her always to know that, to always feel the love of her Heavenly Father and her daddy and mommy, and so many others who love her to pieces, too. I pray that God will give us wisdom on how to raise her to know this love and to feel secure and confident in who she is. I want so much to protect her from any hurt or sorrow or discomfort. Right now, that means wanting to dry her tears when she is upset, feed her empty tummy when she is hungy, and cuddle her if she is tired or cold. But I know that the challenges only get greater as our children grow day by day, and I fear the hurts she could have that won't be so easily solved. I suppose this is the timeless cry of a mother's heart - to want to shield her children from all pain. Life is never simple, and families who have been touched by the miracle of adoption know that our joy is often someone else's pain. But God did not promise joy without rain. He did, however, promise that He is our shield and our exceedingly great reward. What a comfort to know that though I may struggle with shielding my child from every pain, there is One who is able to protect us without ceasing.

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