Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Friday, February 25, 2011

A match made in Heaven

I've spent a lot of time on infertility boards and blogs over the last few years. Through them, I've seen sad stories again and again about marriages that have crumbled under the stress of infertility and miscarriage, of losing the innocence that traveling this road steals from you. I can truly see how it happens. It is not for the weak of heart.

I am ever so thankful to be approaching my five-year wedding anniversary with the love of my life, so thankful that we have been able to weather the storm and grow ever stronger in our love. There is, no doubt, pain that lingers still... next to abounding joy. But whatever the future brings, I pray we will continue to dance and find joy in God's blessing of bringing us together.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Valentines Day Toast for my Hubby

It's difficult to imagine
'Cause I loved you so much from the start.
But every year that passes,
That love grows deeper in my heart.
You are so sweet, so strong, so faithful
You've made all my dreams come true.
And now watching you with our daughter
Makes me again fall in love with you.

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've been meaning to put down my thoughts on paper about this incredible day before any of the details slip from my mind.

I knew the final adoption hearing was a mere formality. Our sweet girl was already chosen and planned to be our daughter since the beginning of time, and we have been a family since the day we laid eyes on her and held her for the first time. But the special thing about this day was that the rest of the world would now know what we did.

Like all new moms, I questioned myself in those early weeks of her precious life. Was I doing everything right? Was I being the perfect mom? But underlying those common fears were ones that said, if I'm not, will someone change their mind? So when we stood before the judge and he signed the papers, that all melted away. She is ours and no one can ever take her away.

My hubby and I were there for the hearing, of course, but we were also joined by my mom and stepdad, my dad and stepmom, and my stepsister. My dad and stepmom made the trip from halfway across the country. Afterwards, we all went to a nearby restaurant for a little celebration. Although my parents are civil to each other, their interactions in the past 15 years have been slim, and the only occasions where they have been seen in the same room have been my wedding and when my brother came home from Iraq with his Marine squadron. I looked around the table to see them chatting and marveled at how this little girl has not only made complete a gaping hole in our hearts, but she has brought together those I love and made so many people happy.

Especially me. :-)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Inevitable Cold

Well, it's official. Baby A has a cold.

Of course, I spent an hour and a half going to the pediatrician and $85 for the visit to find out what, let's face it, I already knew.

Runny nose. Coughing. Not eating a lot. Classic symptons.

No fever. No pulling on the ears. Still eating some. Again, classic indications that it probably isn't serious.

We flew to visit my hubby's family up north last week. So there were the airplane germs, the cold weather. Classic causes that lead to a cold. (She did GREAT on the plane, incidentally! Flew like a veteran traveler. If only I could figure out how to pack less!)

But it has been 5 days! And my little love is still waking up coughing and not feeling well! So what is a mommy to do? We went to the pediatrician, of course.

And they told me she had a cold. Well, at least I know that there isn't anything else I should be doing! Back to the saline drops and humidifier! Feel better soon, my love!