Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Closer by the day

We continue to wait for the expected due date of our precious little one... and continue to hope beyond hope that this baby comes home to stay. I've been talking with a friend who adopted her son 15 months ago... and she has warned me, in love, Honey, you've got a wild ride ahead of you. I am also anxiously reading and praying for a fellow blogger whose adoptive daughter's paperwork should be signed tomorrow. Her fears echo my own as I know the wait is only going to get harder in the days to come. But the morning is worth the night, the sun is worth the rain, and the suffering will make the blessing all the sweeter. I love that little one and can't wait until we meet!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting and hoping, hoping and waiting...

This sounds suspiciously like how I felt in all of the 2wws, how I felt waiting for HCG draws, how I felt in the eternally long wait before ultrasounds... some which I left feeling full of joy, others, ultimately, which I left full of pain. The biggest purgatory of Infertility is, without a doubt, the Wait. Why does life have to be so hard sometimes?