Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Inevitable Cold

Well, it's official. Baby A has a cold.

Of course, I spent an hour and a half going to the pediatrician and $85 for the visit to find out what, let's face it, I already knew.

Runny nose. Coughing. Not eating a lot. Classic symptons.

No fever. No pulling on the ears. Still eating some. Again, classic indications that it probably isn't serious.

We flew to visit my hubby's family up north last week. So there were the airplane germs, the cold weather. Classic causes that lead to a cold. (She did GREAT on the plane, incidentally! Flew like a veteran traveler. If only I could figure out how to pack less!)

But it has been 5 days! And my little love is still waking up coughing and not feeling well! So what is a mommy to do? We went to the pediatrician, of course.

And they told me she had a cold. Well, at least I know that there isn't anything else I should be doing! Back to the saline drops and humidifier! Feel better soon, my love!


  1. The exact same thing happened with us after we got back from Illinois. We just used the humdifier and saline. You might also try propping her head up a little bit while she sleeps so she can breathe better. It worked its way out though and she was better in no time! I hope your little munchkin feels better soon! There's nothing worse than a sick baby. Poor thing!!

  2. Awww, poor baby...and poor mommy! Sick babies are so sad! Hope she feels better soon!