Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have to get it off my chest. I have cheated on a very important relationship in my life.

Tonight I went to a different salon to get my hair done.

Oh, for shame. I know. It just feels so wrong.

It doesn't matter that I can't get in to see my regular girl for 3 weeks and my roots were absolutely screaming for attention. It doesn't matter that she leaves at 5pm and only books Saturdays weeks out and this new place stays open 'til 9pm and I got an appointment in 2 days. It doesn't even matter that my hair looks great and New Guy did a bang-up job.

New Guy? Does that mean I am already contemplating cheating again?

Guilt: A woman's inescapable sidekick. Even invades the quest for great-looking hair.

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