Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Monday, April 26, 2010

New test results

I am 4 weeks out from the miscarriage and my beta came back at 5. So I am officially not pregnant any more.

I guess if I don't have a baby coming, I am glad that my body realizes it... and in a timely manner. Last time I waited MONTHS only to learn about the retained placental tissue. So that is somewhat of a relief.

In other news, I also tested positive for one gene mutation of MTHFR, which evidently is related to a problem metabolizing folic acid. I only realized after googling it tonight (What would we do without Google??!) that I don't know which one.... there seem to be two, C677t and A1298C. Because I only have one mutation and not two, the nurse said they'd want to put me on Folgard once we start trying again, although I'm now thinking that I may want to call and see if I can go ahead and start on it now.

Anyone out there have MTHFR and taking anything for it?


  1. How did they test for MTHFR? Was it a blood-test or the result of a genetic test. I'm just curious because I read somewhere that lots of people have this and are unaware of it. Dr. Google has me feeling like I should look into it, of course.

    We are still waiting for the genetic report to come back from baby#2, and I wonder if that report might show MTHFR information or if it requires genetic counseling.

    It is good that you now know about the MTHFR, because now you can be treated for it. What we don't know CAN hurt us...

  2. So true! It was a blood test...