Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hot Saturday Night

I have to laugh at myself as I remember the Saturday nights of old, the dressing up, going out to a great restaurant, meeting friends for a drink, hearing some live music or going to a show... and then considered my Saturday nights these days.

Case in point: This past Saturday, DH picked up a gourmet Chi.ck.Fi.l.A dinner from the drive through for us, we ate, I gave the baby her bath, put her to bed, mopped the floors and was in bed by 9:45.

How things have changed! But I wouldn't trade it for all the fancy dinners and nights on the town. I love you, Baby Girl!

PS - Good news, though - next Friday is our 5 year anniversay, which means Nonna is babysitting and we have a date! ;-)

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  1. Wow, do I know what you mean! Our friends watched the babies so we could go out to dinner the other night and I literally felt like I was sitting up asleep through the dinner. I was so tired I couldn't enjoy it, lol! We are lucky if we get to put in a DVD at home and watch it once every few weeks! They are so worth it - but I would pay a serious amount of money for a good night's sleep:).