Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Monday, February 15, 2010

A hope and a prayer

I am praying for a Miracle.

This is it -- our last try IUI. Next stop: IVF.

Cycle review:
Femara 7.5mg days 3-7- Check.
Day 12 U/S - 1 Follie, 18mm, left side.
My only tube is on the right -- Dr. gave two options:
1) Proceed with IUI on "a hope and a prayer"
2) Cancel
I chose option 1.
HGC shot at midnight on CD 12 - Check.
Insemination at 9am on CD 14 - Check.
Now we wait. 2 weeks.

A Hope and a Prayer. Dr. Mayer said it. I'm asking for it. Will you ask for me, too? After all, there is power in prayer.

While I was waiting for the IUI alone in the examination room, the u/s computer still had the screen up from the last patient. I could see her little miracle photos on the screen - measuring 6w4d.

A month from now, I want those photos to be mine. I believe in Miracles!

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  1. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Ellen! I believe in Miracles, too! :-)