Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Friday, December 24, 2010

Best Christmas Yet

I can't help but marvel at my life this Christmas, thinking how different it is from the last few years. We have been blessed beyond what we could ask or imagine with the arrival of our baby girl and she brings so much joy to our home this holiday.

Why do we get to hold her in our arms while others are still waiting? Why did we have to wait so long while others became parents so easily? We cannot know these answers. My heart is forever changed from the experience of struggling to become a mom, and then from becoming one, and I am hurting right along with those who are still fighting that hardest of battles. But I know there is a beautiful and perfect child out there waiting for all those who hope. I, too, still hope there is another one for us. (Okay, in truth, another two!)  But for now, I am focused on our little A and loving being a family of three. I'm focused on being thankful for the blessings sent from above, in timing of the One whose will is perfect.

She's tucked in, sleeping tight, looking so adorable in Christmas PJ's. It is a silent night, a holy night. And the Baby born this night brings us peace, brings us joy, and brings us life.

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