Our Miracle

Our Miracle

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ideas for a baby book?

I posted this question elsewhere but I've been looking for a baby book for our little one but all the ones in the stores have so many questions that don't apply to our story... i.e. how did mommy tell daddy she was pregnant with me? how was my delivery? etc. Has anyone found one that is more sensitive to adoption - without making adoption be the main focus? I've been making notes about all of the firsts and I can't wait to put them together in a baby book for our princess!!


  1. Thank you, E!!! Your comment was so sweet :)

    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!! We cannot wait to bring out baby girl home! I was thinking about making a customized baby book with her story on Shutterfly or a website like it. You're right - most baby books do not fit our story perfectly.

    Looking forward to reading more about your little princess!!


  2. I have the perfect baby book! My boss/friend bought it online for me at Tapestry Books. She bought the girl one when Jackson was supposed to be a girl, so she had to go and buy the blue one for us when he came out a boy...lol! Anyway, I say that to say she STILL has the girl one and has offered to let me send it to you, if you want it. Here is what it is:


    I love mine. This website lists the sections for you, but just so you know it is a three-ringed binder, so you can take out any section if you wanted to (i.e. the birth family section if you wanted to). If you are interested, just let me know. My email is faithroof@hotmail.com. If not, no biggie:). Just wanted to offer...us adoptive mommas gotta stick together:).

    Oh, and your daughter is absolutely GORGEOUS...but I suspect you know that already:).